5G “New War in Tech Town”

The world is divided into seven continents, and the same world holds destiny decided by three countries the US, Russia and China. In the past first two holds the power to keep the war far from home whether it was WWs or any industrial revolutions faced by the European world but then they both got themselves engaged in long-lasting day un fightable war in Afghanistan, though the second time Russia paved its collar away from war the US got it home the second time in the row, where the third player enters in this marathon known as China.

China revokes its industrial and economical front far up from Japan which was a leader in tech in the early 1990s when the US got itself engaged in the Gulf crises and where after 9/11 it ends pretty messed up in favour of the USA where china got a free hand to display its technology, manufacturing and most crucially scalability which got fast impression on world suppliers, manufactures and Technology Barriers that this specific land can scale their product up to new markets especially Asia and Middle east including USA itself.

China’s Ironary Business Foot Steps:

In the late 2010s, USA and Allied partners got certain that they can’t hold the new front with China which is the upcoming “Tech War” between them and Beijing and it will now do any step to raise its influence in South American, Asian and African nations as well. But this realization got so much lately that in competition with large Tech firms like Apple, Google, and Huawei become prominent sellers of smartphones in the US market.

Huawei sold 200 million phones in 2018 making the top of the list followed by Apple which sold around 185 to 190 phones that year whereas in 2019 U.S banned Google and android as OS to use in Chinese tech giant smartphones, according to which company did $ 123 Bill in Q-1 and after ban led them forced to revise their target constrained at $135 Bill.

This year-on-year growth war led to other Chinese companies as well where the U.S. has now banned five more including, Hikvision, Dahua, ZTE and Hytera, which make video surveillance systems by accusing them of providing sensitive information to the Chinese Govt. All of these companies were denied these allegations and termed them baseless and more expensive for schools, offices and individual properties. These restrictions are the latest levied against Chinese firms following spying concerns, for which U.S officials are keener past several years.

According to analysts, this war has more to do with concerns about the latest 5G technology which has been a turning point in the technology war between US and China. To cater for this in June 2021, US Senate approved a $170 billion plan to invest in research and development. It means local companies manufacture semiconductors and avoid relying on Asian supply. There is $1.5 billion reserved specifically for 5G technology so Cisco, Jupiter Networks and Qualcomm become more competitive.

Countering China!!

The Five Eyes Allies, the US, UK, Australia and Canada have indicated their concerns about Huawei and other conglomerates’ relationship with the Chinese government. We have banned their business entries in any respect into their respective territories. Still, the question is the speed at which all five are investing in technology to get on the 5G moon first because another concern of the Western world is about China’s and Latin America’s relationship in tech warfare. Huawei has invested $500 million in Mexico to build a technical support centre to expand its tech arm in artificial intelligence and to counter the presence of the US-influenced semiconductor in Asia and South America as well.

Chile has inaugurated its first 5G zone whereas Brazil has planned to award the contracts for 5G centres in all of its cities. It is important to see here that Brazil is already in talks with Taiwan for their semiconductors expansion project which has according to them great potential for Brazil where the contract computer market plays dominant and got short of chips during a pandemic. 

Huawei will be one of the major players in a tender to make their presence for any possible conflict of interest as the Taiwanese and the Chinese governments are not on good terms.

Fight on Latin Business:

According to ECLAC (European Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), Latin America has plans to invest $50 billion to implement 5G in urban areas and around $120 billion in their entire region. Though Latin America’s policy for the tech war between the US and China is to play as neutral many members have bowed down to US policies whereas some have become a major trade partner with Chinese Huawei. In a recent interview, US officials in Brazil warned that There will be consequences if the country decides to include Huawei in their financial trade plans. The US will think twice before investing and any policy regarding microchip advancements.

Now, it will be seen in a time when this technology battle lands where Asia plays an important role and China is already got hold of it because being the potential market for goods and equipment US & Allied will be relaying on Asian manufacturing sites for no. of years or maybe always as china being implanting the 5G will cover all the bandwidth under its umbrella. 

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